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Originally known as For Him Magazine; this magazine about the male way of life has been a worthy publication since its inception. The South African edition of FHM began its existence in the UK under the name “For Him”, the name of the magazine changed to “FHM” in 1994 after its acquisition of Emap Consumer Media.

In February 2008, FHM Africa was sold to the German company Bauer Media Group, and in December of the same year FHM Africa completed its 14th successful year in circulation. Undoubtedly, this proud edition continues to dominate the market of men’s lifestyle and has greatly expanded the readership.

The purpose of FHM South Africa
As the name suggests, FHM South Africa was originally targeted at wealthy South African men between the ages of 18 and 30. Today, the iconic magazine FHM South Africa is published in 28 countries in 23 languages and is represented in more than 40 countries around the world.

FHM South Africa shows the reader interesting but crazy and completely strange events from life. Content includes articles about toys and gadgets for boys; Travel and adventure; Work and entertainment powerful people and the sexiest women in the world.

Interesting facts about FHM magazine
FHM Africa claims to be the best-selling magazine on men’s lifestyle in the world. In the UK it is the largest media brand for men. The South African edition of FHM has been voted “Best Magazine in the World” by the British magazine industry three times.

One of the favorite articles is the 100 sexiest women in the world by FHM magazine! And this is the only magazine of the few that tells how to improve your life and become a true legend for who you are.

Influence of FHM
Subscription to FHM South Africa brings to life fun and daring, funny humor, using well-written stories and facts about all things that always surprise and excite. Section “How?” FHM South Africa will help you learn how to make your life easier and get helpful advice that will surely thrill your friends with your courageous genius.

FHM magazine availability
FHM South Africa is available in print and digital. The digital version of the magazine is interactive and includes video playable videos, hyperlinks and options for sharing content on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Digital Accessibility of FHM South Africa gives millions of readers worldwide access to an infinite range of content thanks to the wide availability of the Internet and mobile services. This is perhaps one of the greatest opportunities for today’s readers to mingle with their favorite magazines; and for authors or publishers to connect with millions of readers around the world.

The benefits of digital magazines
There is now a shift in the trend from reading printed magazines to accessing digital media on smartphones and phones. More and more readers prefer to read the electronic version of the online magazine FHM South Africa or use popular applications for newsstands. The versatility of digital magazines; Keeping thousands of magazines in the cloud instant access and easy reading on mobile devices anywhere and anytime. The best thing about digital magazines is that you get almost a 70% discount on all magazine subscriptions and make a significant contribution to the environment, excluding paper! It’s really what you would call “well-saved money!”

While some may argue that the feel of a digitized version of the magazine cannot be compared to the aesthetics of print, it is impossible to ignore the growing revolution in digital reading.

The main benefits of digital magazines and newsagent apps are:

Magazines are available online
You keep it forever.
Discounts of up to 70% on almost all magazines
You can back up and look for old problems
Interactive quizzes, surveys and contests will be offered for participation.
View all videos, links and interactive content from the comfort of the magazine
100% eco-friendly, as paper is not used

Once you’ve opted for digital technology with your favorite magazines, you have several options in the form of apps for newsstands available online for free.

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