How To Apply Eyeliner

“Apply a colored pencil lining – blue, green or violet – add a brown or black pencil lining on the top tab line near the root of the tabs, such as Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl eyeliner in Barbarella brown or bedroom black ($ 27, “, says. Keep the dark neutral line strong, the color line blurry and mixed. “By applying the eyeshadow, I suggest applying the eyeshadow before applying the base to avoid the consequences. First apply a thin layer of eyeshadow primer and then eyeshadow and eyeliner wherever you want, ‘said celebrity makeup artist Billie Gene. The monolid eyes are characterized by little or no fold on the cover, in addition to a complete and round shape, the nut makeup artist Michael Anthony. Unlike other types of eyes, Anthony says that monolid eyes should apply an eyeliner to the lines of the top and bottom lips, with a thin line on top. “If you have hooded eyes, you want to create the look of depth and a fold.”.

“As a makeup artist, I realized that those prone to eyeliner spotting generally have a bone structure that lends itself to this,” he tells me. “Whether it’s a hooded lid or prominent cheekbones that are likely to be brushed by lashes, some people are more prone to stains.”.” If the standard wing feels too expected, you can always try a colorful coating, like that of L.A. Although the color is supersaturated, the fine point keeps the line thin, “so it’s just the right amount of color,” Shackleton explains. She particularly loves emerald green shade, but the lining is also available in dark blue and plum, as well as in more standard brown and black. Celebrity make-up artist Lisa Potter-Dixon says this ocean liner is “a great worker.”.

The lip liner not only keeps your lipstick in place: if you draw straight on the natural lines of your lips, your pot may look bigger. “Use lip liner to give your lips the same color as your lipstick for long-lasting coverage,” says Teich. Eyeshadow for the color of your eyes Knowing how to apply eyeshadow is great eyeliner tattoo and all, but discovering which tones complement the color of your eyes is another matter. Take a brighter or brighter eyeshadow than your skin color in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten things up. Learning to apply make-up seems easy enough, but sometimes the basis of beauty can be quite puzzling.

Immerse the wet brush in your eyeshadow and align your eye as you would with the traditional lining, ”says makeup artist Dana Rae Ashburn-McKissock. “For a smoky appearance, let the wet shadow line dry and then run a Q-tip slightly along the lash line and mix for a softer result.” He says that the eyeliner for this shape should focus on lifting the eye, so Mullin recommends applying only a thin line of liquid eyeliner to the top cap. To create an elevated look, he recommends using Giorgio Armani’s eyes to kill the painted liquid eyeliner. “It’s water-based and durable, so you never have to worry about reapplying.”

Especially now, in the era of mask use, eye makeup takes the place of lipstick when it comes to striking decorations. For maximum definition, Parsons recommends that almond forms create a layered appearance with a gel and liquid coating. He likes to start with the Maybelline Tattoo Studio gel pencil, followed by the brand’s Hyper Easy Liquid pen.

Look straight in the mirror in front of the wing and make your point. Tanno likes to take his wing to the corner of his eyebrow, but where you put it depends on the shape of your eyes and how dramatic you want to be. Instead of connecting the point down like a normal wing, take it to its fold and from there connect the inner corner to create a circumference. Again, don’t worry about perfection; you can always clean and grind makeup later. “Some eyeliner pencils are creamy and makeup artists love them because they allow easy diffusion and mixing to create gentle looks,” says Thomas. ‘They are also fantastic bases for layers of dust shadows.”Try this from No. 7, which has a creamy and easy to slide formula that stays on once dry.

“Liquid coatings generally dry quickly, but I’ve noticed it takes longer,” he adds, so you definitely get the most money. Everyone has their favorite way of applying their eyeshadow, but Nguyen recommends that people with a kapo look straight ahead instead of down during the application. “It’s less than $ 10 at the pharmacy and it’s literally perfect,” explains Scott Barnes, the man in charge of Jennifer Lopez’s makeup looks, from her favorite black lining. “I usually start in the middle of the eye and then work outside and then inside.” It’s the secret weapon to clear up mistakes without ruining the rest of the eye makeup, Cantor says. The eye cream is thicker than the liquid make-up remover, so you can use it more accurately without the risk of it working and interfering with your mask or shade.