These Are The Reasons Why You Should Try Glamping

If you camp, you may have to do it with a tree in the forest! Other sites have a common toilet and shower block to share with your neighbors. Most Singapore Glamping glamping facilities come with real bathrooms and hot running water in the tent, which means you can comfortably wash away the debris of the day.

Discover the best eco-friendly tours and camping pitches, with unique holiday homes for romantic weekend breaks, family holidays and more. Each property in our collection is hand-selected and meets a set of standards to be listed. As a result, visitors can rest assured that every destination they discover will provide a truly unique and unforgettable travel experience. If you imagine camping in a tent, ‘comfort’ may not be the first thing on your mind, but a glamping tent is very different from a traditional one. At Terramor Outdoor Resort, our guests enjoy glamping of one of our 64 luxury canvas tents, spread over 60 hectares of breathtaking Maine landscape. The taste of a hot dog cooked over a campfire and the smell of wood mug in their hair is part of what makes the experience for these glampers real.

Some tents even have outdoor showers for an unforgettable experience. They want to step out into expansive landscapes that evoke the idea of adventure, but they like someone else to handle all the details – and with style. In the early 1900s, British and American adventurers to the African plains hired tailors, chefs and dozens of porters per person for extravagant game hunting trips. President Theodore Roosevelt joined a Smithsonian-led safari, hunting Africa’s big game for the museums during a months-long trip that rang up a bill of a 2005-equivalent of $1.8 million. Today’s high-end glamper can get a Montana-based “American Safari” experience at Paws Up Resort 45 minutes east of Missoula. The Montana ranch glampers won’t take home any big game, but they might enjoy shooting clay pigeons and fly-fishing.

The latter often have a more personal touch than other forms of glamping, where ordinary people repurpose units they’re no longer using themselves. Brand new, Terramor opens August 1 and is a 60-acre wooded property with 64 luxury canvas tents hidden in the trees, surrounding a central restaurant, bar and store. The bar is stocked with local craft beers and ciders, and they also offer a special “grilling experience,” where you are provided with everything needed to cook your own gourmet chef designed open-fire meal outdoors, including ingredients and tools. Mt. Desert is a great destination for those who do not want to eat indoors or want to stick to their tents, with tons of seafood shacks, fresh lobster and shellfish to go, as well as world class ice creams shops. There is a pool, hot tub and onsite adventure outfitter concierge with rental gear and contacts for guided kayaking, fishing, biking and other excursions. It’s five minutes from the National Park, and pet friendly.

Any attempt to define glamping should start by showing exactly what is different between this style of outdoor escape and where it came from – camping. In fact, you can get a pretty good idea of a glamping definition just by sketching the things that elevate it above the simple tent distance and sleeping bag. Some glampers want a hot meal every morning, but like to leave the tailored suits at home. The members of the Swiss Robinson family were not looking for glampers, but by getting the best out of an extremely bad situation, they paved the way for tree-loving campers today. Stranded on a deserted island, the diligent family built a house in the trees – something children have dreamed of ever since.

For example, wooden glamping pods are often added to campsites and rented out during the winter months, while huts are also popular. Every glamping experience is also purposefully unique and the owners of each site are proud of the guest experience. You will likely find additional services such as guided walks, canoeing, archery and fireplace. The glamping tents themselves are often designed dazzlingly and with attention to detail.

The Camp Long Creek mini-resort is located lakeside, right on the water and next to the resort’s full-service marina. There is simply no other glamping destination on earth that offers so many activities, options and facilities in addition to the accommodations. Glamping is the modern equivalent, combining both yesterday’s amenities and today’s technology.

Glamping is therefore a great option for all weather conditions, giving it an edge over traditional tent camping. Exploration is a natural human urge, especially when you glamp with children. A glamping holiday offers the opportunity to do just that in a safe environment, but within one full of adventurous opportunities. Lantern and Larks let you and your family do all this and much more. So the next time you reject the idea of a camping holiday, think again.

From traditional yurts, tipis and bell tents, to tree houses, eco pods and safari tents, the choice of glamping accommodation is becoming increasingly diverse and luxurious. Some have designer interiors and hot tubs, while others are little more than a shell into which you can unload your own camping getup. Whatever you choose, rest assured it’ll be warm, dry and weather-proof – and already waiting for you. One thing both glamping and traditional camping have in common, however, is that there are no rules.