Six Ways to Make Sure You Get Only the Very Best Salespeople

Hiring a phenomenal salesperson can be a difficult process. There is absolutely no universal template that lays out all the steps to execute it successfully. It requires lots of good old-fashioned good judgment and finesses occasionally sprinkled in there. That being said, however, there are definitely some basic steps you can take to put yourself on the right track. Here goes. I call these “the four P’s.”


Number One: Set up an interview. An interview is perhaps the most important part of hiring a salesperson. Be sure to set it up in such a way that you have both the opportunity to ask questions and the person to answer them. Most salespeople won’t have a problem answering questions, but if they don’t feel comfortable doing so, you may want to bring in a third party. The point is to make sure you get an individual that you are 100% comfortable with.

Number Two: Follow up. A few days after the interview follow up with another phone call or email to confirm that the candidate is interested in working with your organization. Sometimes people take this as a sign that they are not a good fit and so may not apply. By following up, you ensure you have a final list of candidates and can move on to number three…

Number Three: Think through the interview questions like a Swiss watch. Here are some generic salesperson interview questions you can use to give yourself a head start. How will you demonstrate a passion for the business? What will demonstrate your ability to manage others? What makes you different from your competitors? Asking these kinds of thoughtful questions early on, when you are still building your resume and not thinking about hiring a specific individual, can help make sure you get the best fit for your company.

Number Four: Hire the right person. You need to find someone with the appropriate skillset and capabilities that work well with your type of team. For example, if you are in a sales-driven environment, you probably don’t want to hire a salesperson that does background checks or passes gas stations. However, these are skills that are common among many salespeople and would be perfect for a salesperson who works in a more customer service-oriented environment. In your LinkedIn profile, add a keyword to search for ideal candidates and connect with them.

Number Five: Conduct a mock interview. Conducting a mock interview gives you a first impression of how a potential candidate communicates with you. During a mock interview, you will be introduced to a wide array of topics and you will have to answer a variety of interview questions. Be prepared to address issues, such as your knowledge of Google Analytics, Microsoft Office, and other relevant topics. A good sales rep candidate understands that it’s not just about passing the interview but building a relationship with your interviewer which is very important.

Number Six: Hire a few top salespeople and watch their success. There are plenty of great salespeople out there and hiring a few makes sense. However, if you hire the wrong people, you could be spinning your wheels with little or no results. Therefore, it’s imperative that you do an analysis of your current organization, your team, and your salespeople to find out who fits best with your vision. If you are interested to learn more about Outsourced Sales companies Canada, visit the site

Doing the six things above will help ensure that you hire the best salesperson available. By following this sales hiring process, you’ll avoid wasting time on applicants who are simply not right for the job. Additionally, you will have a better idea of who fits within your specific set of skills and talents. If you do your homework and include these six steps when you make your sales hiring decision, you’ll likely end up with a great salesperson.

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