Name Change Requirements In Georgia

You must also hire a lawyer to serve as a lawyer for other special parents. If you or the other parent want to change your child’s name, they must both accept the change. If the other parent refuses to give permission, they must be given permission from the court. If the parent is not available to sign the consent form, he must also receive a hearing message. Each province has its own application forms and you can visit the provincial court and ask the registrar for all necessary forms.

This means that you need to update your name on your driver’s license, credit cards, passport, bank accounts, medical records, etc. If your child’s name has changed, you must inform your child’s doctors, school and social security about the change. In some places you may need to submit a certified copy of the name change. Historically, the courts had children who maintained their father’s last name as long as the father continued to actively play his parent role. This rule is no longer strictly applied, given the dynamics of modern families. Now a judge will only change a child’s last name if it is clearly in the child’s best interest.

Otherwise, the follow-up employee will have the reporting forms and will be able to tell you how to deliver the report to the other parent. It can be by certified / limited mail, or the sheriff’s personal service: contact the hereditary worker in your province. The scripture investigation should be supported by an affidavit, a solemn promise that the proposed name apply for name change in person change will benefit the child. When a child is born from married parents, one or both records the child’s name on the birth certificate. The surname, like Smith, Patel, Cohen, is the name under which the entire family unit is known. Children usually take their father’s last name unless their mother wants them to have a different surname and the father agrees.

Each court has its own forms and rates for name change requests. Get the correct form for your state, fill in all required fields and submit the request to your registrar. Pay the required fee or apply for an exemption from compensation if you cannot afford it. After completing the application form and the information form, you must submit them to the court clerk at your local court. Bring photo ID and proof of stay (if your photo ID does not have your current address).

The minor must have both legal parents sign the petition or an exemption / consent form before a judge issues the order. You have listed the same options above to object to your child’s request for a name change. The same rules apply to your participation in your child’s life and your ability to object to the name change. If both parents agree to the name change and both parents live in the same province as the minor, they must file the petition together. If a parent does not live in the same province as the minor, or does not approve the name change, the parent living in the minor’s province may submit his own file. The parent who submits the petition must have his fingerprints taken by the local police.