7 Of The Best Raftingtrips In Whitewater

The best thing about the site is that it is open to tourists almost all year round and the best time to visit is between March and October. The river has fairly high rapids that generally fall between levels III and IV. Another positive location point is that it is only a 30 minute ocoee whitewater rafting Tennessee drive from Pittsburgh, making it fairly accessible to tourists. His journey to the famous Yough River will be quite adventurous with the least risk and more excitement. The most famous rapids of this river are the Double Hydraulics and the Railroad, which will make you feel dizzy.

You don’t have to plan all meals, take out the entire team, and research a itinerary and activities that keep everyone busy. Get a new perspective on the Grand Canyon with a whitewater rafting journey along the Colorado River. While the river is 1,450 miles long and stretches from the Colorado Mountains to Mexico, some of the best whitewater rafts can be found in the states of Utah and Arizona. Experiencing the famous red rock formations in Utah or floating between the towering gorge walls in Arizona, it offers one of the most exclusive whitewater rafting you can get. The Chattooga River, located in South Carolina, or we can say that Georgia is a kind of wild river with some extremely exciting rapids that will make your rafting trip unforgettable. The rapids are quite numerous here and generally range from class III and class V category, which is a fairly high level.

From glacial and floating icebergs to grizzly sightings and floating aircraft ferries, a rafting trip on the “Tat” is second to none. Loved internationally for its unparalleled views and exciting whitewater sequences, the Salmon River in Idaho offers a wide variety of landscapes and rapids. Rafters pass through granite canyons, grasslands and high mountain forests and can see animals such as sheep, bears, mountain lions and moose. This river crosses the largest expansive pristine desert in the 48 lowest states and is ideal for those who want to completely break free from civilization. This river has a 35-mile section with large class V and higher rapids, and more than 100 of them are among the most difficult in the United States. This challenge, together with the beautiful natural landscape, attracts many ardent beams to this river every season.

South America’s great water legend offers multiple V-Class rapids in an environment that seems almost imaginary. With several stunning parts of the river to navigate for several days, you will be a believer. A river and the main rafting destination for two states, the Rio Grande in Texas also has a narrow gorge and an incredible radiant landscape, albeit from different formations than in New Mexico. The high limestone cliffs and the infamous Rock Slide Rapid make rafting through the Santa Elena Canyon an exciting adventure.

Traveling alone is very different from traveling with others, and whitewater rafting is no exception. When planning a rafting adventure with many friends or family, you cannot choose any destination. While many rivers in the United States offer an unforgettable rafting experience, some are better than others when it comes to hosting party sizes that are larger than average. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best rafting destinations for groups in North America. Located on the northeast side of America, where rafting is quite rare, the Deerfield River in Massachusetts serves as a lifeline for rafting enthusiasts and of course adventure enthusiasts.

Rafting on the Gauley River is one of the most difficult and challenging rafting trips and the number of rapids here is about a hundred. The view of the site is extremely beautiful with a remote landscape type and of course also the exclusive variety of wildlife. If you’re just a beginner in rafting, you can go rafting on the Upper New River, which is relatively quiet and completely dependent on you if you want to experience the rapids or not. Reliant to the spring runoff of the Rockies, the Yampa generally comes alive every season between May and July through a short window with exciting Class III-IV white water These are the last beach holidays in an unexpected place, deep in the desert of Northwest Idaho. A rafting trip on the Lower Salmon River offers exciting Class III rapids through four different gorges and a life in the camp that cannot be overcome.