Small Apartment Ideas For You

For starters, check out these apartment decorating ideas and see which ones give you the most inspiration. It is the oldest interior design trick in the book, adding glass, acrylic or lucite furniture to a small space, which visually does not take up space, but you can add extra chairs or storage. Because light can travel directly through these translucent parts, they keep the space open and airy, but they are also functional. We talked about how the Scandinavian style was a great option for those looking to renovate the small living room and the two main reasons for this are undoubtedly the color and light options they impose on you. The easiest way to create a visually more spacious living room is to provide natural light. Even if you only have a small window in the living room, make sure it floods the room with lots of light.

Decorating a studio apartment can be limiting if you have such a small space. Consider placing an accent wall behind your bed, in the kitchen or in the living room to get that extra color in your study. If your landlord does not allow painting, you can use stick stickers or wallpaper.

Think vertically by decorating with high mirrors, high shelves and curtains mounted a few inches above your actual windows, which is striking and can create the illusion of a larger house. All of these strategies, in addition to using a smaller two-seater sofa and a small trunk as a coffee table, are exactly what makes this elegant but small Brooklyn studio look bigger and more spacious. Fun, artistic and fresh, this Skica Studio project, located in Sofia, Bulgaria, makes the most of its 55m².

It is tempting to fill a small living room with small furniture for fear of overwhelming the room with large pieces. But sometimes you better get big, a modular sofa looks less crowded than a love seat and royal hallmark singapore two armchairs. In addition, a sectional sofa is the ideal option if your living room is part of an open floor space and can be used as ‘walls’ to separate the space, making you feel more hospitable.

This ultra-creative Washington DC apartment uses furniture for a dual purpose to save space. The coffee table can vary from the normal height to the height of a suitable dining table and can accommodate up to four guests, eliminating the need for a separate dining area and excessive furniture. When trying to divide a living room into a smaller study space, you can always use color lock to your advantage. This Brooklyn tenant anchored her sofa with a green hunting wall, making the room with her bed look like two separate rooms. It kept the look as airy as possible by minimizing your living room furniture, just a sofa, a coffee table and two beautiful magenta pink stools. There is not enough space for a dining room, living room and breakfast corner?