Adventure Points To Visit In Egypt

C. The graves, known as mastabas, are wide, flat rectangular structures made of mud and brick, with burial chambers below. In Saqqara, visitors can see these mastabas building on top of each other to form huge rectangular pyramids, with terraces that look like a giant staircase. These ancient pyramids are fascinating to visit, and in fact the step pyramid of Djoser dates back centuries before the most famous pyramid of Giza.

Your tour of the Oasis in Egypt will be the best tour of your life thanks to our tourist experience since 2000 and our unforgettable nature in Egypt to try it out. In Aswan the atmosphere of the city will conquer you and of course the attractions, see the unfinished Obelisk, the Temple of Philae, the Aswan Dam, take a walk on the river Nile and visit the colorful Nubian village. Copts are Egyptian Christians and Coptic Cairo is an ancient and historical district of Cairo where they lived and worshiped. The culture and history are celebrated in the Coptic Museum, which was built in 1908 and has the largest collection of Coptic artifacts in the world.

Because it is a traditional wooden boat with wide canvas sails, the felucca offers some shade and protection from the elements. Watching the sunset on the Nile at night, however, is a sight you will not forget. This is the absolute highlight of the trip for many, especially with some local Nubian entertainment from their crew. It is very important that you attend the welcome meeting as we will currently collect insurance and family data. If you are late, please inform your travel agent or hotel reception.

The entrance to the Great Temple is guarded by four colossal images of Ramses II. Inside, eight larger images show Pharaoh in its deified form and can be seen on a tour of Abu Simbel. The Philae Temple Complex Hurghada fishing day trip was built by Nectanebo I and added by the Ptolemaic and Roman rulers until the 3rd century AD. C. As such, it provides an architectural account of Egypt’s transition from paganism to Christianity.

Many of the major Egyptian cities are located along the Nile, such as Luxor, Memphis and Cairo, and while a visit to one of them will take a look at the waters flowing from this famous river, it may look better from a river cruise . Montaza Palace, located near Alexandria, was once the palace of El Salamlek, where the king of Egypt lived until the last prince of Egypt, King Farouk I, was forced to resign in the 1950s. Today Montaza Palace is a beautiful tourist area where visitors can explore some old houses in the palace and spend a day at the beach. Some parts of the Palace of El Salamlek have become museums dedicated to the ancient royal family of Egypt and contain many of its treasures, and the rest of the palace is now a beautiful hotel and casino. With beautiful beaches for sunbathing and swimming and over 150 acres of gardens for walking and picnics, Montaza Palace is a perfect destination for a day away.

Memphis Tours Egypt invites you to enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation in the pristine oasis of the Egyptian desert. Egypt has a variety of desert landscapes and will show choice. Visit the western desert, the Bahariya oasis, Siwa and the white desert with a trip to Cairo and a cruise on the Nile. Choose from our packages what suits you best to take safari trips through the desert and visit the Bedouin city and dunes.