What Are the Side Effects of a Birth Control Injection Hormone?

One of the most commonly used long term Slot Depo 20rb birth control injections (hormonal) is the Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (DMPA) or Depo Provera. The substance used in the injection actually makes the survival and entry of sperms into the uterus difficult by changing the lining of the uterine and by allowing the cervical mucus muscles to thicken.

Such a reaction on the part of the body after being injected with DMPA is attributed to the high degree of progesterone contained in the dose, which also hinders the ovary from producing more eggs, thereby reducing the chances of fertilization.

There are many side effects associated with using the DMPA; with weight loss/gain being one of the most commonly experienced ones by almost 70% of the users. Although, weight gain and change is something that is always accompanied with any hormonal drug usage, it can still be overcome by leading a healthier lifestyle and by exercising regularly.

Low period frequency, heavy/burst/thick or no bleeding during the menstrual cycles are other side effects of using DMPA. Some women end up having periods altogether within a year of usage of DMPA. Acne, Back ache, mood swings, increased blood pressure, thickening of blood, development of tender breasts and loss of interest in sexual intercourse are some of the other commonly experienced side effects associated with DMPA.

Depo Provera side effects usually last for months after stopping the dosage and you might experience some or all of the associated side effects for up to six months after having stopped the usage of DMPA.

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