Move Plants To A New Home Without Killing Them

Here we show you how to make your plants insect-free and in winter, including advice from plant expert and lifestyle blogger Ren Lenhof. Water the plant enough in pots after moving it to another location. If the plant is not stressed, you can even add some pot and fertilizer soil to stimulate growth. You may need to move the plants in pots because the fungus or mold grows on the ground or pot plant. By moving them out, especially in the sunlight, you can solve this problem. There may be a change in the water source that can introduce more minerals and salts into the pot plant.

Your shrub may look a little hanging after transplantation, but it will continue to water and you will need to recover. Some or all leaves may fall from the shrub after transplantation. This does not mean that he is dead or dying, he is only in shock by being moved. Also consider the time of year when planning a transplant. The best time to move a shrub without killing it is in early spring or fall.

It is customary for gardeners to move garden plants to pots and sometimes to redo them. There may be a sudden influx of volunteers or plants that may need to be distributed. In any case, the gardener is transplanted from soil to pot.

For example, if the plant was in a 15 cm pot, transplant into an 8 inch pot. Usually spring and summer are the best times to transplant your plants because they are the strongest and in their growing period in these seasons. However, you can also transplant in the fall if you live in weather areas with warmer winters. Moving plants in chicago office moving company – Safe Relocation pots is bad because you run the risk of plants not getting enough light, water and heat. You should be careful when choosing the correct location when moving potted plants. Any plant that has only been in the ground for a year will move very easily, because the roots have not had time to reach too far from its original root ball.

When transplanting your plant, you don’t necessarily have to move it to a larger one. Sometimes the pot mix of your plant only needs to be renewed to give you new nutrients. But if your plant gets too big for your pot, choose a new one that is just a little bigger.

This load is very fragile, so it must be transported in the front seat or placed in the top part of the trunk while the box is closed. If you are transporting hanging plants, the most suitable option for transportation is to simply hang them in the front. Care is also required in advance for means of transport and the material in which you can wrap the pots or fill the container space.

And try to move your plants when they are not in bloom so they can focus on growing roots instead of producing flowers. Most people forget the roots, but the roots are the nutritional organ of the plant, so it is essential to keep them healthy. I had problems with my newly acquired Bird of Paradise and eventually discovered that the roots surpassed the pot. As a result, the roots died and soon the leaves were also sick. Replace your plant in a larger pot and feed with fertilizer. It is good practice to place pebbles at the bottom of your pot before adding soil.

In most states, you can move your plants if they are on sterilized potting soil, but some states have strict guidelines. USA Sometimes it requires inspections of plant material due to pest control and local bans on certain plant species. Certain states like California also have additional special plant protection. This is a big problem when you move potted plants in and out. There is a serious change in the environment in which you place the plant.