15 Best Things To Do In Busan, South Korea

Yeongdo Bridge (Yong-do) is the bridge that connects Yeongdo Island to Nampo-dong . This bridge offers the best scenes of this port city, as well as the front of the Jagalchi fish market, where seafood is regularly left behind. The main attraction here are of course the musical water sources. The purchasing department is complete with local and international brands, as well as entertainment services. It is the only apartment shop in Lotte that is next to the beach.

Mira would give a short history of each site and then give us some time to explore for ourselves. If you want to stay longer in the city of Gamcheon, I recommend returning to the hotel as there is plenty to discover in this beautiful city. Busan Tower is located at an altitude of 120 m from the center of Yongdusan Park in the city.

The hotel also has several restaurants on the first floor serving Japanese food, Korean food and a bar serving all kinds of beer. In general, we recommend staying here when you go to Busan. It is a perfect place to stay on your trip to Busan if you want to enjoy the perfect sandy beach, but less if you want to discover the city. There is a metro station nearby, but it will take a long time to get to the city center and other popular tourist places. Seomyeon, the central district, is the best location for beginners to stay, with easy access to transportation and many shopping and restaurants! Haeundae is the ideal place for beach lovers and luxury travelers, while Nampo is perfect for tourists who like to shop and eat.

It offers the best views of the Diamond Bridge and is just 5 miles from the center of Busan, making it easier to visit other attractions. The world’s largest department stores are not found in Dubai or any other oil emirate, it is here in Busan. You probably need more than a day to visit all the shops. Inside the complex there is also an ice rink and a multiplex theater.

Unlike other similar towers, it does not function as a television or radio tower. There is a reason why the city of Busan is one of the major tourist destinations in South 광주오피 Korea. Burimun-Beomeosa Third Gate By Steve46814 – Own Work, CC BY-SA 3.0, The Beomeosa Temple (Bo-mo-sa) is the largest and most important temple in South Korea.

But the essential thing is to go to the Busan Tower Observatory to appreciate the beautiful view of the city and the famous harbor. A perfect place to take a break from the bustle of the city. The central Seomyeon district is at the crossroads of metro lines 1 and 2, making it an ideal place to stay. It is also the most important place if you want to go shopping in Busan. Head to Seomyeon Food Alley for excellent street food in some of the many stalls. In addition to enjoying the view, you will find several tourist attractions in Taejongdae Resort Park.

From street food to tent cafes to high-end gastronomic establishments, there is certainly something for everyone. Since Busan is an important city, it has many different areas where it is great to stay. But the two main tourist areas are Haeundae, located in the east of the city, famous for its beautiful beaches, and Seomyeon in the west, an area around the KTX station Alternatively, you can take a guided tour and explore some other popular tourist attractions in Busan.

All this, and we haven’t started on the culinary scene of the city yet! Busan markets are full of more fish species than you can imagine. You can eat in it or go to the restaurants in the city.

Known for its beaches, mountains and seafood, South Korea’s second largest city offers a range of first-class attractions for all travelers. A flight outside Seoul will take you to this beachfront metropolis in just over an hour. You can enjoy the white sand of Haeundae, Korea’s largest beach in Busan all year round. Don’t leave without visiting the famous Jagalchi fish market, where hundreds of fishmongers squirm and swim for travelers and locals. To see street food options, stroll through the Gwangjang Market and enjoy panoramic views of the city, head to the top of the Busan Tower in Yongdusan Park.