Rescue Program

Have you talked to other organizations in the water industry lately?? If you have staffing problems, they are probably around you too. Facilities: Providing free access to your facilities to your first responders can be great for recruitment. The more your organization offers, the wider the staff that will be interesting. It is worthwhile and often serves to generate a sense of responsibility from the beginning of young people’s lives.

Taking the opportunity to participate and help candidates find work is a good thing. You can enter into long-term partnerships with these institutions that may open other doors that may not have been thought of, such as school tours or job training programs. This can also provide exposure to your institution within the student population, as tours and shadow days can give you an idea of what it’s like to work there.

The bathing master recruitment program that is part of our advisory services is for any company that wants to recruit and hire new lifeguards. New rescue workers from abroad are hired to fail to meet the conditions for lifeguard training upon arrival. This not only wastes time and money on companies, but is also a loss of income because rescue workers cannot be implemented.

Ask your teens and young adults if they have ever considered working for your desk. Conversations with potential employees can create both alleged and real barriers to employment. You can offer those training courses at low cost or at no cost???

It is often up to the aquatic leadership to determine what and how they will do to reunite their team and ensure that they remain all season or year after year. If you look at a lifeguard team, there will be very different personalities. A unique approach does not work and cannot be applied uniformly. For a swimming pool located in an area where lap swimmers are a dime, I take some people from our swimming lessons or around the gym.

A series of drownings this summer increased public focus on the importance of water safety. State parks and other public outdoor areas experienced a significant increase in visits as people were looking for areas and activities that were less at risk of coronavirus transmission. Baker’s administration increased the wages of DCR first responders last summer, intensified first aid recruitment efforts, added multilingual signage in swimming areas and promoted free swimming lessons. I closed all individual meetings with: “Can I support you now???”It makes me a little nervous every time.

We need to re-examine how we recruit, train and retain personnel. If the goal is to alleviate the shortage of first responders, we need to change the way we train and certify. To be successful, we need to establish stronger partnerships with secondary schools and community colleges, with the aim of potentially certifying new guards every month. The idea that a spring holiday class will supply all the staff a desk needs is obsolete.

Fill in the 400 lifeguard stations needed to open all the city’s public swimming pools this summer. While those who protect life vary at all ages, protecting life is a common first job for many young individuals. Most water supplies try to do most of their recruitment at high school and university job fairs. These are groups that people specifically search for and vacancies are on these pages all the time. Once you have created your ad, place it with one or more local groups and display clear instructions on how applicants should contact / apply for contact with you. For seasonal recruitment, operators should endeavor to visit each school twice, once for spring break and again, as it takes time to ask interested candidates to sign up for the position and enroll in the lifeguard course.

Dealing with unpleasant and confrontational customers is one of the main reasons many people leave the front line and service-related positions and protect life no different. The city of Medford has started well simply by talking about what it takes to provide sufficient staff to meet the needs of the community. As Councilor Mike Bub noted at last week’s meeting, many of the possible changes are relatively inexpensive elements that facilitate progress in implementation. Among the proposed ideas is a suggestion to hire instructors and sponsor lessons for potential first responders, which should be implemented quickly. At the same time, the city must also communicate with the school district to be a partner in these programs. The school faces similar problems with the need for rescue workers and cooperation, rather than fighting for the same group of applicants, could meet the needs of the city and the school district.

Inclusion of vision / culture in the recruitment process: the water installation promotes its vision and culture of greatness, emotion and makes a difference in the recruitment process. This helps operators find potential employees who are motivated to work in a facility where they have a sense of belonging and feel that their daily work makes a difference σχολή ταχυπλόου in the lives of others. Swimming pools can only be safe if they have a strong, reliable and dedicated team of lifeguards. Wages and incentives, difficult work and lack of growth opportunities continue to make it extremely difficult to recruit and retain guards. COVID-19 has also added a layer of challenges, as organizations are asked to do more with less.