The Importance Of Using Aluminum Siding For Building Facades

The major suppliers of belt rails and liners have been investing heavily in the development and testing of their systems for many years and publish all design instructions and load / light tables for their products. Thanks to these design tools, the structural engineer gets rid of the complexity of light steel construction and can easily choose the most suitable section from the available assortment. If it is necessary to limit the passage of sound through the building envelope, the siding specifier must take into account the sound reduction index of the siding.

In order to limit the forces on the armature wires, it is customary to limit the angle of the armature wire to the cladding rail to at least 25 ° or 30 ° (see manufacturer’s recommendations). With this restriction of the diagonal mooring ropes, the number of side rail supports is predetermined on the basis of their spacing and the spacing of the columns. The use of metal coatings instead of other materials, such as concrete and masonry, can significantly reduce costs.

SRI is a measure of the reduction in sound energy when sound passes through a construction at a certain frequency. The acoustic performance of a particular cladding system depends on the thermal insulation material, the profiles of the waterproof film and the cladding film, as well as the mounting method. The severity of the problem depends on the relative humidity inside the building, the temperature and humidity of the outside air, as well as the waterproofing of the cladding. Buildings in cold climates and those with swimming pools, laundries or similar applications are most at risk, as are cladding systems that include perforated cladding and a separate vapor barrier.

When compiling their design data, all belt manufacturers must make an assessment of the degree of restraint available in the lining system under gravity and wind lift conditions. These assumptions are fundamental to the design model and can have a significant impact on the design strength of the belt or rail. It is therefore essential that an equal or greater What is metal cladding degree of moderation is achieved in practice. In certain applications, such as offices or residential buildings, the internal acoustic performance can be decisive for the functionality of the building. Of particular interest is the reverberation caused by sound waves reflected from hard internal surfaces, including elements of the building envelope.

Below are the advantages of using metal siding systems to protect the facade of a building. Insulated ceiling and wall cladding panels consist of a rigid layer of insulation placed between two metal siding panels, as shown below. The result is a strong, stiff and light plate with good expansion capabilities due to the action of the joint when bending. The panels extend between cold-formed belts or side rails, which in turn extend between the links of the primary frame.