16 Y O And I Am Looking To Be A Pro Gamer

Popular competitive FPS games include Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. Environments like these are where players tend to get noticed by pro organizations. It’s recommended that you create fan pages on different social media sites and use them to attract visitors to your streams. Regardless you probably should have something to fall back on or at least a job at a restrurant. Some people use their normal voice, some have a “Recording voice” because aside from the gameplay it is your voice alone that will be keeping viewers entertained. Start investing now in a good recording device with a noise filter, and find some good recording software.

Leverage your position as a quality opponent to connect with better players. Once you build a reputation as a serious competitor, find a team. Playing alongside others — especially those who are better than you, or who have different skill sets — is one of the most valuable experiences a player can have.

Additionally, the general consensus is eSports is for younger players because of their flexibility and dexterity. That’s why it’s common to see older players switch to another career once they are over the age of 25. Living as a pro-gamer is not all about the limelight and prize money.

But first, let’s cover all levels of your pro gamer career. Dota 2 has experienced a 50% steady increase in the number of players and total tournament prize money won. Here are some of the challenges that parents face when they learn their son wants to be a pro gamer. Being a pro gamer requires effort, dedication, focused practice, and developing Video Game Reviews the ability to have a focused mind. It also requires a large amount of emotional awareness because the inability to manage your emotions severely interferes with a gamer’s ability to perform. Making a career out of your gaming skill is not a walk on the beach, but if you put real hours into it, you could actually get your dream job.

Now, these prizes might sound really good but the bad news is the chances of you winning them are very low. The good news is that on the other hand, you don’t need to be a competitive pro gamer to earn that amount of money. Many high-level streamers have gone on to join professional gaming teams all because they used streaming as a way to get spotted. Most self-identified gamers have strong opinions about their favorite games, and are willing to talk and argue about them for hours.