How To Start Your Own Video Game Collection Journey

And it’s a good idea to check PriceCharting for current readings to see how much it’s possible to buy. You’ll find plenty of thrift stores and retro game stores in the United States that are perfect for shopping. These stores are usually run by game lovers and collectors themselves, so employees are usually knowledgeable and fun to interact. The chances of finding rare games are usually high in these stores, which can be exciting. Having a relationship with staff and owners are great ways to network and be notified when they get something that might interest you.

This is a guide to collecting vintage video games, how to budget them, how to get great deals and how to sell them when the time comes. A collector is someone who is interested in collecting video games as a hobby and will often spend time searching for rare or hard-to-find titles. They can have many different types of games and store them in different places, such as on the floor or under the bed. Now, of course, one of the downsides to physically owning games is space. While I may have the space to store my video game collection, not everyone has a shelf or drawer to store their games and probably will. On the other hand, collecting video games is a bit like when you go shopping.

Once your collection starts to get big enough, you’ll want to start thinking about ways to keep track of the games you own. You can use computer software or mobile applications like Collectorzor websites like Backloggery to maintain a database of your collection. I highly recommend mobile database apps that allow you to add games on the fly while you buy them and check if you already own something before you put the money for it. Most software and application solutions will cost you money, but are more convenient while website solutions are usually free.

Collecting video games isn’t a cheap hobby at all, so be aware of this before you jump in. There are certainly good and bad ways to get video games in the most affordable way, but this hobby is very expensive depending on what you choose to collect. In addition, Collect Video Games the possibility of buying broken games or hardware is higher depending on the age and where you buy things, so it is also important to be careful. If this is something you really want to do, I can help you start building your dream collection of game goodies.

Secret of Mana, Earthbound and Tecmo Secret of the Stars are still in my closet. I’m not sure, but I can’t even find myself selling them on Ebay. Some people collect coins, stamps, movies, baseball cards… How is video game collection different from any of these hobbies? Just as Babe Ruth’s Rookie card is a gem to be found for the avid card collector, Chrono Trigger in a factory-sealed box is as valuable a gem as the avid retro RPG collector.

If you don’t have any of these options in your area, the last thing I would recommend is to go to garage sales in your area. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of garage sales because I just don’t like to get up early, but if you can find one with gems, it’s definitely worth getting up at dawn. The problem is that you can visit 50 garage sales and you may only be able to find a handful of video games, so you have to be really persistent if you want to find great deals. Now you can meet people who are trying to influence you to buy things you don’t care about. It’s also like telling someone who has no interest in Nintendo products to collect specifically for Nintendo. It’s just a waste of money for the person trying to start the hobby.