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Stay on the right side of the TSA’s travel restrictions by investing in a set of bottles the size of a trip. Designed to fully comply with the TSA rule, you can purchase specially made sets that allow you to transport liquids, gels, and aerosols in travel-sized containers of 3.4 grams or 100 milliliters. These containers fit into a 1-liter bag that complies with U.S. carry-on baggage regulations, making it easy to secure without being stopped along the way. These TSA approved travel bottles are suitable for use in domestic and international airlines and are quickly becoming one of your most reliable travel items. An electronic organizer offers many mesh and zipper pockets, storage loops and special pockets to make your cables, SD cards, USB, adapters and other accessories easy to find and keep them nice and secure.

However, if you need something to take with you every day, we think you’d prefer one of our more structured choices. Our favorite is the Sea to Summit Silk Stretch Mummy Liner, which comes in a variety of sizes, including regular, long, and even double for sharing. Whatever you choose, it’s packaged to about the size and weight of a medium-sized apple.

Compared to other bags in this price range, you also get surprisingly high-end components and a warranty that covers everything for the life of the bag. Available in a selection of sizes, these nylon bags allow you to group items by type or use and allows you to maximize your packing capacity to fit the size of your suitcase. Lightweight and easy to store when not in use, these super-convenient packaging buckets can also help compress your clothes so you can store more in them while reducing the total space in your suitcase. Whether it’s a road trip or an international flight, I always use a small, simple zipper for my technical team so I don’t have to fish it at the bottom of my bag. Cord organizers have been in fashion lately, but some have so many straps and pockets that I still have to search for the exact item I need.

Compact and highly capable, you can find power banks that are as thin as an emergency top-up credit card or invest in a slightly larger model that will allow your phone, camera or tablet to be charged while traveling. Small, lightweight and easy Accessories KIT to use, a power bank gives you the extra charging power you need to give your phone or tablet a reliable power source on the go. Simply charge your power bank via a USB before you leave home to deliver between 1 and 4 full charges on the go.

For example, you get a $200 credit, which automatically returns every time you buy an upgraded seat, eat on the plane, pay for luggage, etc. In addition, the card comes with a personal concierge service and a lot of other benefits. In my experience, the fare is effectively around $200, which is much more reasonable and a bargain for a frequent traveler. We’ve rounded up some of the best travel gifts, from cameras to skincare, sleep masks, personalized gifts, and more. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a frequent traveler, a road trip warrior, a budget backpacker, or a luxury hotel enthusiast, there’s a gift on this list for your favorite traveler. Double your space with BeeNesting waterproof compression packaging printers.

Well, I prefer to feel like I don’t have three pounds of books in my bag, so I highly recommend the Kindle Paperwhite. It’s lightweight, has battery life for days, has eye-fatigue-friendly backlighting so you don’t have to turn on the top light in a car or plane, oh, and puts just about any written book at your fingertips. It’s a no-brainer, especially if you’re a quick reader and go through books when you’re traveling.

The Merchant & Mills set was the only one with high-quality yarn, an all-metal mini scissors (don’t worry, the TSA shouldn’t stop you) and a durable tin box to keep everything well organized. It’s relatively lightweight: At 7.8 pounds empty, the Elite is about half a pound lighter than the previous model, the Magna 2, the wheels are built to last, and it’s big enough to easily fit five days of laundry. While the Elite is similar to the Magna 2, it has a smaller guarded handle, a second extra outer zippered pocket, and a USB pass-through extension that lets you insert your own battery to charge your phone.

If you need to pack more things than a carry-on bag and personal item can hold, our first tip would be to reconsider whether you need that extra outfit “just in case”. But you will have times when you have to travel with different pairs of shoes, formal attire, a winter coat, special equipment or all of the above. This bag is built with photographers in mind, but most travelers will appreciate the easy accessibility and smart storage straps, and the slim way the bag expands and shrinks depending on how much you’ve packed. Most people carry security locks with them when traveling, but many still don’t understand the usefulness of this travel accessory. It’s one of those items that should be high on your to-go list, as you should always protect your luggage wherever you travel. Many of the credit card offers on this site are from credit card companies from which we receive financial compensation.

In an era of flight cancellations and busy airports, it’s hard to understand why anyone would take the risk of traveling without a backup charger. They are useful in hotel rooms with minimal power outlets and for juices in a restaurant or museum. The Moskiz solar power bank has built-in wireless charging, so you don’t need to pull out a cable, although it does have three USB ports for charging additional devices. You get about three or four full iPhone charges in one cycle, and you can also charge your phone with the solar panels plugged in. I can’t count the number of times people have told me they’re just an “old soul” and prefer the feel of paper, often with a not-so-subtle feeling that this is something to brag about.