How To Choose The Right Size Rug For Your Room

While we believe there are no rules for completing your room, here are some tips and guidelines for choosing the perfect rug for your space. Interior designers often warn that the biggest decoration flaw they notice are rugs that are too small for space. “I am convinced that carpet is a unifying element that connects a room and needs to anchor furniture,” interior designer Stefani Stein told MyDomaine. Unlike the living room, choosing a rug for the bedroom depends on your style preference.

“You wouldn’t want a very thin carpet under a dining table that’s very useful,” Schwartz says of Nazmiyal Rugs. Not only will it clump together every time you slide the seats, but the repeated process will perpetuate wear and tear. Too thick carpet, on the other hand, can make it difficult for your chair to move. Stick to a piece of flat fabric or medium pile for this space. First of all, it is about identifying the room in which the carpet will live and the purpose it should serve. Is it a piece of explanation to unify aesthetics, or a functional explanation that prevents slipping in high traffic areas?

For high-traffic areas, such as the bathroom or kitchen, opt for a carpet path with a firm grip, while in the bedroom or living room, a padded carpet pillow will add an extra layer of plush comfort. Plastics are popular as affordable options, but designers say it’s hard to beat natural fibers. “Natural carpets last longer and are better used, so if they’re within your budget, they’re always a good idea,” says Melissa Warner Rothblum, a designer from Los Angeles. Wool contains lanolin, a natural stain repellent that makes it one of the easiest fibers to clean. has thousands of rugs in all sizes and styles available online. Whatever you are looking for, we have a carpet that suits your space and your needs. The first option is to have all the legs of the furniture, including sofas and accent chairs, sit on the carpet.

With this design, the carpet should reach at least six centimeters further than any piece of furniture. The ideal size for this option is a carpet measuring 9 by 12 feet or larger. Next, I recommend that you think about whether you prefer a solid color carpet or one with some kind of geometric pattern or design. There are a million different patterns to choose from: stripes, oriental, checkered, even carpets with dots! It’s totally a personal preference, but always think about what other designs/patterns you already have in the room where the carpet is going. For example, do you have bold curtains with a floral pattern or perhaps stripes?

A flat fabric rug, low pile area or carpet under the sink can help prevent falls by absorbing spilled water. A long gait brings texture and color to an otherwise simplified scheme; bonus points for the visual 8×10 area rugs warmth it produces as well. The bedroom serves as another place where you can get creative. “In general, we like simple textures and designs in softer, more exotic materials for the bedroom,” Robinson says.