What Is Infused Water? 10 Ways To Make Your Water Taste Better

Just cut some wedges into a jar filled with cold water, or add slices directly to a glass before drinking. Fruit juice with a ton of added sugar isn’t really a help to your waistline, but there’s another way to get that bold fruity flavor. Try injecting different fruits into your water to get huge effects on your taste buds. Watermelon, orange, lemon, cucumber, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry are among the most popular flavors. To make it easier, invest in a storage container for fruit infusions or a special bottle for a tasty drink on the go.

If your water tastes bad, disguising it with other flavors probably won’t make your condition much better. The only way to significantly improve the taste of your water is to purchase a water filtration system that can remove the contaminants that cause the bad taste or smell. Wondering how to enjoy drinking tap water without resorting to bottled water? We’ve discussed the 6 best ways to improve the taste of your tap water in this guide. Infusing your water with fruits or herbs adds a great flavor without changing the calorie content or impact of sugar.

With sparkling water recipes, you can enjoy something refreshing and sweet while staying healthy. By adding natural flavors and nutrients, you can create drinks that will literally fill your taste buds. Mimicking the carbonation you get from soda is another way to make your water taste better. Sodas are usually loaded with sugar, which can cause a bad aftertaste in your mouth, but if you use soda water for this purpose, you can avoid having to drink sugary drinks.

Feel free to add any of the herbs or mixtures listed above. Stir and leave in the refrigerator until it is ready to drink. Since the cucumber is fresh and begins to decompose the longer it stays in the water, this infusion should be made fresh daily. Essentially, you add the equivalent of 1 wedge of fresh lemon to your drink with each serving. It’s incredibly versatile to use in beverages other than water and can even be used as a substitute for lemon juice in recipes. A disadvantage may be that it brings a rather sour taste, which some people may not enjoy.

Mint is known for its ability to freshen the breath and eliminate bad odors. The herb can be used in both hot and cold varieties, making it an excellent warmwaterkruik kopen flavor enhancer. Just add some fresh or dried leaves to your pot before pouring them, or place them in the glass before drinking them.