20 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Germany

Because it suffered a lot of damage in the 18th century, the ruins of the castle are composed of courtyards and many buildings from different periods in German architecture. To explore the castle and take a ride on the cable car to the old town, book your tour here. Another Royal Residence of Munich, Nymphenburg Palace, is a majestic Baroque-style palace just outside the city center.

The ultimate fairytale castle Neuschwanstein is located on a steep hill near Füssen in the southwest of Bavaria. It was the inspiration for sleeping beauty’s castles in Disneyland parks. The castle was commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who was declared insane when the castle was almost finished in 1886 and found dead a few days later. Neuschwanstein is the most photographed building in the country and one of Germany’s most popular tourist attractions.

Among Germany’s most popular tourist attractions, some parts of the Berlin Wall are well preserved, and some are even covered in colorful graffiti. Today’s bridge has become a place of pilgrimage among lovers and is commonly known as cologne’s love lock bridge. Millions of loved ones and tourists from all over the world visit this bridge and place love locks that desire eternal love. The millions of locks on the railing of the bridge and several million keys on the riverbed tell how many people have visited the site. The new town hall gives way to one of the most impressive architectures and is decorated with an architecture that is rare to find.

The Bavarian Alps are a beautiful mountain range that provides a picturesque backdrop to many of Bavaria’s great castles, picturesque villages and lakes. Scattered throughout are numerous ski resorts and even spa and wellness retreats. If you’re looking for a combined historical tour with panoramic mountain views, check out this day trip to Eagle’s Nest.

I have no idea why and how this happens, but I do know that the deep forests, fairytale castles and perfect cities are something not to be missed. Add to that an excellent beer, the most beautiful Christmas markets and a wealth of activities, and you will soon wonder why you have not visited Germany before. The city is also one of the best places to visit in Germany if you like beer. There are several breweries and museums where you can taste an extensive variety of beers. Among them are the Bayreuth Catacombs which lie underground under the Bayreuth brewery.

The historic town of Lindau is located near the meeting point of the Austrian, German and Swiss borders in the eastern part of Lake Constance. The city is connected to the mainland by bridge and rail and has about 3,000 inhabitants. Full of medieval and half-timbered houses, Lindau is a popular tourist attraction. In winter, the snowy peak becomes a winter tourist destination and the best place to skate. It offers a clear view of Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland on summer days. Incredible heights and breathtaking panoramic views from the top make it one of Germany’s most famous tourist attractions.

Marienplatz’s main attraction is the Neues Rathaus, Munich’s famous Town Hall, built in Gothic style. Let’s also not forget the iconic glockenspiel on the tower’s balcony that offers a fascinating spectacle. And at 5 p.m., small figures come out to tell the history of the Oktoberfest 2023 city through their dance. Who thinks that Germany does not have delicacies that have not been in Hamburg all day. This ancient and rich city on the Elbe has its roots in the Hanseatic League, a federation of towns and villages formed in the 12th century and beyond.