Record Travel Video

One of the main tips for film videography and composition rules is the Third Party Rule. Here he places his subject’s head slightly higher on the frame and gives them visual space to breathe or walk when looking sideways. Another is to stay on the same side as two people talking about taking the shots… Continue reading Record Travel Video

The Best Team To Travel In 2021

It helps you make sure you’ve discovered everything you want to pack – those must-have items you need to enjoy your vacation and travel with essential travel resources that will make your trip more fluid. It is a good idea to pack some additional diapers in case of travel delays. He also packs garbage bags… Continue reading The Best Team To Travel In 2021

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Tips For International Travel With Children

One of our favorite tips for family travel is to refill the baby’s cup from water wells or even share large water or juices with children. We now ask flight attendants to pour their drinks directly into their cup when serving soft drinks and completely avoid spillage problems. This may sound extreme, but if you… Continue reading Tips For International Travel With Children